Silvermoon Transforms Major Life Insurer’s Commission System

Silvermoon Transforms Major Life Insurer’s Commission System


Silvermoon has been selected by one of South Africa’s largest life insurers to overhaul their mission-critical commission system. Originally built in the early 2000s using Java technology, IBM WebSphere, and IBM DB2, the existing system receives commissionable events from multiple policy administration systems to manage and distribute commissions to brokers and agents.

The insurer’s commission system was based on IBM’s Insurance Application Architecture (IAA), with proprietary implementations of its foundational components. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining and upgrading such an aging system, the insurer has turned to Silvermoon for a comprehensive solution.

Silvermoon will replace the legacy system with its state-of-the-art LUNOS platform, preserving the insurer’s unique rules and calculation logic. This transformation includes migrating data from the on-site DB2 database to a cloud-based LUNOS-driven PostgreSQL database.

The new system will significantly reduce the insurer’s recurring license costs and simplify ongoing maintenance, as the LUNOS platform will be supported by Silvermoon’s software labs in Belgium. Additionally, leveraging modern technologies will enhance system security and maintainability. The project is slated for completion in 2025.

This collaboration underscores Silvermoon’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings for the insurance industry, particularly for companies facing similar challenges with legacy IBM IAA implementations.